Experience Our Public Cooking Classes This Season

wine dinner table

It can be tough during the holidays to find time to have memory- making experiences with the family. There are many responsibilities and holiday duties to be attended to. Sometimes, taking a moment to reflect on what really matters most to us can be of benefit. Over time, objects often lose their meaning, but experiences last. For many of us, our treasured holiday memories include cooking with a beloved family member, sharing secret family recipes or creating a new dish together.

A Holiday Gift Idea

Recently, we learned of a great gift idea which preserves family heritage. Ask members of your extended family to provide a family recipe, preferably in their handwriting, with a family photo. Compile a book, scanning everything and send a copy or provide a link to everyone who submitted a recipe. Those lucky enough to be on the receiving end may find that this is their most treasured gift this year. In celebrating our culinary traditions, we can recapture our heritage, our memories and our culture.

Bring Your Family to Our Cooking Classes

Shared experiences can make the holidays memorable as well. Cooking together can be a party in itself.

Each L’Ecole campus offers cooking classes for the public, which guests may book together. Everyone learns something new and the clean-up is left to us! Join us in St. Louis, Memphis, or Kansas City. A gift certificate for a class makes a great gift as well.

Create new traditions this year with shared experiences in the kitchen with L’Ecole Culinaire. Have a great holiday season, everyone!

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