Learn Gourmet Cooking at L’Ecole Culinaire


Ever wonder where some of our culinary words come from? With the Norman Invasion in the 10th century, many English land holdings were transferred to French nobles. A curious change occurred where those growing and harvesting food referred to it by its English name in the field and those dining on the bounty referred to it by the French name at the table. A cow in the field became boeuf or beef at the feast.


So, too, evolved the word gourmet. Finding its humble roots in a French word for wine servant, merchant or taster, grommet, it quickly evolved to mean a connoisseur of discerning tastes. What makes a food gourmet? We turned to our Chef instructor Damon Payne to shed some light on this topic. “Gourmet cooking is meant to be of the highest quality, prepared with focus and innovation and presented beautifully,” shared Chef Payne.

Looking to learn from a gourmet cooking school? L’Ecole Culinaire is an ACCSC accredited culinary school that prepares aspiring chefs to create traditional gourmet fare and provides them with the tools to develop their own creations. With culinary schools in Missouri and a culinary school in Memphis, L’Ecole Culinaire offers hands-on training from the first day of class. To learn more about professional training, click here.


L’Ecole Culinaire also offers cooking classes for the public. For those who would like to hone their knife skills, learn more about regional cuisines, or taste and appreciate wines, these short classes offer an enjoyable experience.

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