Train for a New Culinary Arts Career in 2015

Chef Pepin 005


Experts tell us that, in our working lives, we may have as many as eight careers. Life often takes us in unanticipated directions before we realize that we may not be doing what we truly enjoy. Think for a moment of what you would enjoy doing for forty hours a week. Is that how you are investing your time?

With the New Year, we have the opportunity to rethink where we are and where we would like to be in the coming year. If you have always loved cooking, have you considered a career in the culinary arts?

Training at L’Ecole Culinaire offers hands-on experience from the first day of class. Our industry experienced chef-instructors meet their students at their individual ability levels, capitalizing on individual talents. Every day, students enjoy new culinary experiences learning knife skills, baking, pastry, appetizers, international cuisine, grilling and a myriad of other areas of training.

As a campus fully focused on culinary, students enjoy learning beside others who share their commitment to the field. Some students have culinary experience while others are new to the profession. Whatever the experience level, everyone shares in the excitement of learning and creating something new in every class. This shared bond leads graduates of L’Ecole Culinaire to often keep in touch with instructors.

Chef Elizabeth Schuster, owner of Tenacious Eats says she calls on former instructors for advice and with culinary questions. Chef Schuster shares her testimonial.

Chef Austin Packard, who works at The Chase, used his experience at L’Ecole to focus on his dream of becoming an executive chef. He earned this position in just four years after graduating from L’Ecole. Learn more about Chef Packard in his testimonial.

L’Ecole Culinaire also provides enriching opportunities for students to learn catering by participating in special events and everyone gains real-world, hands-on experience by working in the on-site restaurant, The Presentation Room. Training is completed with an externship at a local culinary establishment. It is this well-rounded training that readies graduates for success in many areas of the field.

Is it time for you to follow your dream of a career in the culinary world? If so, feel free to visit one of our campuses in Kansas City, Memphis or St. Louis. We are enrolling now for classes starting in January.






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