Make Your Own Mardi Gras Meal


Let the good times roll! Fat Tuesday, falls on February 17th this year. The final day of festivities before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, this day is one of indulgent eating and fun. Instead of looking for a local celebration, why not try making your own meal at home this year?


According to Chef Jeffery Riedel of L’Ecole Culinaire in St. Louis, a great gumbo is the perfect centerpiece to a Mardi Gras meal. “Gumbo can be a simple meal. Start with a good quality andouille sausage and a whole chicken, broken down,” said Chef Riedel. “Shop for the freshest ingredients and a quality file powder. There are many gumbo recipes on the web. Look for one which offers the flavor profile you are seeking and don’t forget the Tabasco sauce for those who may want a bit more kick.” Want to make this classic dish a little healthier? L’Ecole Culinaire St. Louis Program Director Darren Zesch recently demonstrated his healthy gumbo recipe. This updated recipe is lighter on fats, but does not sacrifice flavor.


If you are in Tennesee, consider visiting L’Ecole Memphis, our cooking school in Memphis, which is offering a selection of New Orleans fare in their Presentation Room Restaurant through the end of March.

Thinking about a career in the multi-faceted world of the culinary arts? Take a few moments and visit one of our culinary college locations in Kansas City, Memphis or St. Louis. Like to know a little more before your visit? click here to submit your request for information.

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