How To Properly Store Coffee


Coffee has become a beloved morning ritual for people across the country.  For coffee lovers, it’s important to make sure that the freshest cup of ‘Joe’ hits their lips while they try to start their day.  It’s easy to find a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee at one of the 55,000 cafes and coffee shops in the United States, but it’s not always feasible or convenient to do it every day.

Brewing that freshness at home is easier than you think and a lot of getting that primo caffeine hit actually has to do with how you store your coffee.  The chef instructors and coffee aficionados at L’École Culinaire have listed some tips below for achieving the freshest fix possible.

Whole Beans Are Best

For the really serious coffee lovers that want the freshest cup possible at home, it’s better to buy whole beans rather than pre-ground.  You’ll then need a grinder for at home use to grind the beans just before you brew.  When the beans have been broken down by grinding, the coffee oxidizes faster, that’s why whole beans are better for stored coffee.

Do Not Store Coffee In The Fridge Or Freezer

Do not store un-opened coffee of any kind in the fridge or freezer, that’s just asking for the taste level to decrease.  Also, because of how porous coffee is, it could absorb the aroma of other items in your fridge (like a stinky cheese).

Air-tight Plastic Containers For Storage

If your coffee comes in a paper bag, it’s best to transfer it into an air-tight plastic container and store in a cupboard out of sunlight.  This will ensure the coffee stays fresher, longer.

Tired of not knowing how to maintain ingredients in your kitchen?  L’École Culinaire offers numerous public cooking classes for the at-home chef to make understanding ingredients easier.  To register or learn more click here.

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