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How to Become a Chef in St. Louis

Are you looking for a fulfilling career?  Do you have a knack for whipping up tasty dishes?  If so, establishing a career in the cooking industry in St. Louis may be delightfully satisfying for you.

Once you decide a cooking career is for you, you’ll need to choose the exact type of job that you want to pursue; baker, chef, short order cook, etc.

As for now, let’s take a quick look at how to become a chef in St. Louis.  

Going to Culinary School

A secondary-education degree isn’t necessary for every chef position in St. Louis; however, formal training may broaden your employment opportunities.  If you’re looking to secure a job as a chef at a high-end restaurant, such as Sidney Street Cafe or Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill, going to culinary school may be a strict hiring requirement.

There is much to be learned during culinary school, including:

  • How to prepare an assortment of dishes
  • How to properly clean cooking/kitchen equipment
  • How to abide by safety and health codes
  • How to identify food products
  • A variety of facts about seasonings

The amount of time that it takes to earn a culinary degree will depend on the school that you attend as well as the exact curriculum that you complete.  For the most part, though, chef training will take about six to 18 months to finish.  If you have a particular restaurant picked out that you want to work for, such as Cielo Restaurant & Bar, you should speak with the hiring manager about the exact training required.

Gaining Experience

To land a job as a chef in St. Louis at a highly-reputable, high-paying dining establishment, like Niche or Eleven Eleven Mississippi, you’ll likely need lots of experience in addition to formal training.  Because of this, it’s advantageous to secure a culinary position well before you’re due to graduate from culinary school.  Even if you have to start out as a salad maker and work your way up the ladder, any and all training in the kitchen will be valuable.

Continuing Education and Joining Associations

After earning a degree, acquiring experience and landing a job as a chef in St. Louis, you’ll benefit from continuing your education on a regular basis; this will help keep you up-do-date with today’s trending food preparation techniques.  Joining professional associations is also propitious because they offer a wide range of networking opportunities.  Four of the finest associations to join include:

  • The American Culinary Federation
  • The International Association of Culinary Professionals
  • American Institute of Wine and Food
  • American Personal & Private Chef Association

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How to Become a Chef in Kansas City

Kansas City is a great place to work in the culinary field. It is a hotspot of quality restaurants and “celebrity” chefs who are so passionate about their work that their names have become known outside the region, such as Chef Aaron Sanchez. He was nominated by the James Beard foundation as Rising Star Chef of the Year and he is the co-star of Chopped and Heatseakers on the Food Network. He has opened his own Kansas City restaurant Mestizo. The city draws in chefs and great restaurants and is on every culinary tour of America destination list. Becoming a chef takes a few steps, but each is worthwhile, builds life experience, and may increase your earning potential.

Steps to Becoming a Chef in Kansas City

  1. Attend culinary school. Sure some restaurants will hire a cook who has not attended culinary school however attending culinary school often gives graduates an edge over the competition.
  2. Be willing to start at the bottom. There are a lot of fine dining establishments in Kansas City including The Capital Grille, and the prestigious Fogo de Chão. If one has dreams of being a chef or even head chef one day they have to be willing to wash a few dishes or julienne vegetables for higher ups first. A person is more likely to advance when they have proven themselves to be a hard worker who is easy to get along with and can handle a dinner rush with ease.
  3. Apply for upper level positions after proving to be a hard worker, with culinary skill.

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How to Become a Chef in Memphis, TN

Anyone can go in the kitchen, light up a stove and mix ingredients together. But it takes a true food connoisseur to prepare dishes that make peoples’ taste buds dance. If you have a passion for cooking, becoming a chef In Memphis may be right up your alley. All you need to jumpstart your career is experience, practice and stellar culinary training.

  • Work in a restaurant. Working as a cook in a Memphis restaurant will give you hands on experience. In a restaurant situation, you will work under the supervision of a head chef and learn what it takes to prepare meals in a bustling kitchen.
  • Practice at home. Use your kitchen as a place to experiment. You can dabble with ingredients to prepare familiar favorites, or to create recipes of your own.
  • Cook for others. Don’t be afraid to share what you do with others. Whip up entrees for your loved ones so they can give you valuable feedback. Use their constructive criticism to tweak your recipes and your cooking methods.
  • Go to culinary arts school. While attending culinary school is not mandatory to become a chef in Memphis, doing so will help you hone your basic skills and teach you new techniques to help you master the craft. In some instances, you can get an internship while you’re taking cooking classes from a culinary school.
  • Get ACF certified. A certification from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) will distinguish you from others in your field. Potential employers look favorably upon people who go out of their way to solidify their skills.

When you get the necessary training, practice every chance you get and get ACF certified, you can pursue a successful career as a chef in no time.

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